Introducing Meedoc – the app for video calling your doctor

Introducing Meedoc – the app for video calling your doctor

November 2, 2014 0 By Enzo Knight

Meedoc“But ma, I don’t wanna go to the doctor”.

“It’s ok son, we can make a video call and solve out issues without ever stepping outside again!” – is the fictional conversation mom and son had after installing Meedoc on their machines.

What is Meedoc? – It’s an app, which allows calling a doctor, ‘available weekdays between 8 AM and 10 AM (GMT +03:00)’ time.

The idea was incepted in the mind of Mikko Kiiskilä in times when the medical industry is struggling with telephone calls, not to mention upgrading their software to answer long distance patient issues. The integration of Meedoc allows faster pre-screening and consultations – everything done in the comfort of one’s own living place.

Recently Meedoc received $1.5 million backing from ‘incognito’ investors, which many suspect are coming from the medical industry – ranging from pharmaceutical companies, all the way to individual doctors of medicine.

Currently, Meedoc is a certified telemedicine platform, and can be used by patients located inside the European Union border.

Mikko’s future endeavors include an integration of Meedoc into companies’ healthcare plans for their employees – in turn meaning less time needed for examinations and screenings (which demands a physical presence of the patient).

Currently, Meedoc is available for 10 euros per month and employee (for companies), unlimited use-wise.