Mind Control, or Google Glass?

Mind Control, or Google Glass?

November 1, 2014 0 By Enzo Knight

Google_GlassApparently, a British based start-up company named This Place managed to hack Google Glass, allowing users to take pictures and post them onto social media, using nothing else but pure brain energy.

See, This Place managed to successfully combine the glasses with an electroencephalography try-to-pronounce-that handset, and enabled the user to conduct his hands-free activities, controlling binary data while being a couch potato only.

The handset used was Neurosky’s MindWave Mobile, a device with the ability to analyze one’s brain activity when properly wired. And everything comes together with an app binding those two (Glass and MindWave) into a brain wave pattern scanner and developer command transmitter software, alas – a mind control’s evil genius machinery.

However, Google went clear with its intentions and stated that ‘au contraire’ everyone’s hopes, Google Glass cannot and will not read potential users’ minds.

As for the EEG – it is used to calculate different activities in the brain and their intensity when a wearer conducts certain mental gymnastics. In this particular project, a white line showcases itself when a user’s concentration rises, and once it gets to the top right corner – snap, one more picture gets taken with Google Glass’s inner built camera. Doing the same step all over again enables you to upload your already taken picture to Twitter.

Now, the possibilities are endless, but the project is just taking its baby steps. And it’s not even hard to get your hands around one of these, for the handset only costs around $130 tops, unlike in the past when such things were unthinkable, yet alone physically possible to build.