“Gym Wildlife” Video Makes Every Gym Goer Look Like an Asshole…And It’s 100% Correct.

Something happened the other day. YouTube production team, “Buff Dudes”, made a parody video of what about gym culture, and it complete wrecks every person that has been to the gym. Obviously discounting old people who talk most of the time and fall asleep mid rep. They’ve also left out the all important mom demographic, and their mom shorts…A scary derivative of mom jeans, but more scary, with more skin.

Our personal favorite, the gym trollops that fish for attention, only to turn it away…as if. *hair flip*

Nevertheless, enjoy all of this sweaty gym magic.

10 Hours Driving Around NYC with an Exotic Car [Graphic Content]

lamborghini harassmentSome people disgust me. I mean a guy can’t even take his 300k supercar around without being harassed and asked to take pictures. The paint was repeatedly touched, and people yelled out comments as he was sitting at stop lights and parking lots.

If you don’t like exotic car harassment, this isn’t the video for you. Beware, some of what you’re about to see is extremely graphic.

At one point during this frightening experience, a young male says ” get out of my car” Fear level: 100%.

The nerve of some people.

Although, I would like to tune that thing up and redline it until I have to shift the tiptronic transmission all the way to sixth.

Girl in Bikini gets Humped by Dolphin. She liked it.

dolphin humps womanThe internet provides us with a multitude of entertaining viewing options. 24-7. From porn to squirrels juggling knives, the world is your oyster, you web-surfing champion.


Well, today we have a dolphin humping a busty blonde.

Barbie, who clearly lives up to her name, is on vacation and at one of those fancy dolphin exhibits when the dolphin decides that it wants a little more action than just a measly kiss.

What transpires after that is high-pitched one-way humping fest that can only be compared to what we would imagine fairy or gnome sex to sound like.

All hail dolphin. How do we report a water-dwelling sex offender?