Shutter Thread: Photobomb Clothing

November 17, 2012 0 By Rodney Burrell

The Shutter Thread clothing line is the brainchild of David Kelly, a lifestyle and action photographer based out of Pittsburgh. The overall image of Shutter Thread screams originality and edge, which is typical for Kelly’s shooting style.

The line was designed for photographers and photography enthusiasts. Featured t-shirts include “I look Good in Photos”, “Shutter Thread”, and “Photobomb”. Kelly started the line in 2010 and hasn’t slowed down. “I live through photography everyday, why not wear a little piece of it too?” said Kelly.

The line is decent quality and even more attractively priced with some shirts starting at 10.00 and most not eclipsing the 20.00 mark. A true step in the right direction, Kelly obviously did some market research and found out that charging 45.00 for a t-shirt in a cut throat and flooded market is not a recipe for success.

The overall brand of Shutter Thread is strong. It has potential for a decent presence in the specialty market and actually fills a void for creative people who love photography. It’s witty and relevant, something that I can’t say for all of the glittered up Jersey Shore rags of clothing with bedazzled crosses, seagulls, and crosses.