October 5, 2012 0 By AbbieJanzef

Pittsburgh is a city know for many things, The Steelers, PrimantisImage, Mr Rogers, and so on. However we can’t overlook one of the most prominent, fun, and horrifying things that make Pittsburgh such a unique place.

Zombies! Ever since Dawn of the Dead, it’s been kind of an unshakable stigma. But who can complain? In fact, most people embrace our Pittsburgh zombie culture.
Pittsburgh stated breaking Zombie related records in 2006 at the Monroeville Mall, (naturally.) The past few years Market Square has held Zombiefest, and… it’s been a blast, to say the least. My zombiefest experiences have always been pretty rad. It’s like one big Halloween party, complete with live music and an ugly contest.

It’s not all fun and games though, admission is free but participants are greatly encouraged to bring non-perishable food items, or not fully consumed corpse meat,  to benefit The Greater Pittsburgh Food Bank.
As usually, it will again be hosted by the It’s Alive! show. This year there will be a change of location from Market Square, to West End Village. This year  the zombie invasion hits the Burgh on Saturday the 13th, from noon to nine.
As for events to entertain the undead, live music will include Weird Paul, Invader, The Graveyard Rockers, and The Bloody Seamen. An ugly contest, A brain eating contest, The Zombie Olympics, and a Best scream contest shall be offered, so there will be plenty for zombies of all ages to get in to.
Another change this year, is that Zombiefest will also host a fucking Zombie Motorcycle Run. Oh yes, bikers and zombies… could there be a more perfect combination? Parking is even offered for all riders, who are welcome and invited to attend all the day’s festivities.
So this year, I can’t wait to spit zombieblood on my friends, and get my stagger on. Zombiefest will again try and get the record of most zombies gathered in one place. Bring a friend, don’t forget to register, and be absolutely terrifying.