Xiqu Centre is an Architectural Marvel

Xiqu Centre is an Architectural Marvel

November 17, 2019 Off By Rodney Burrell

Xiqu Centre is a marvelous sprawling building in Hong Kong that hosts Chinese Opera performances in the newly coined arts and culture area, the West Kowloon Cultural District. Completed in 2018 by Revery Architecture, the 320,000 square foot space was built for roughly 350 million dollars, and towers some seven stories, serving as a functional memorial to the heritage of the Xiqu-Chinese Opera.

The outer facade of the space looks like a bedroom curtain is drawn while the evening light flickers through. Each painstaking detail on the outer walls was fashioned by CNC-cut aluminum and laid in various patterns, giving it an undulating architectural narrative that plays throughout every aspect of the space.

Inside, a massive courtyard is circular, peaceful, and modern, but not passing by the heritage which has paved the way for a space like this to exist in the first place. Guests can walk through the common area freely, and participate in workshops, demonstrations, and read literature promoting the heritage of the Xiqu Chinese Opera.

The space also includes two sky gardens, with majestic views of Victoria Harbor. Xiqu Centre officially opened its doors in 2019, and has been met with rave reviews by the media and community at large.