World’s Scariest Elevator Prank [Video]

December 12, 2012 0 By Rodney Burrell

Scary VideoCheck out these videos of what have to be the scariest elevator pranks ever.

Unsuspecting people experience a power failure in an elevator, but when the lights come back on there’s a little girl standing next to them holding a doll and not saying a word. She eventually belts out a scream and people shit their pants. True story.

I can’t say I wouldn’t have been crying like a little man boy, but thankfully I’ll never have to find out.

And to anyone that would make fun of me for being a tad bit freaked…my answer to that is, have you seen Paranormal Activity? Those little ghosts are strong as hell.

The  practical jokers also made another elevator video of a corpse falling out of a coffin, and then somehow the lifeless body gets a little extra fuel in the tank and comes back to life.

People absolutely lose their minds, with one man prying open the doors and bolting out of the lobby.

This is fear in the purest form.

Enjoy the chaos, and hope that something this crazy never happens to you.