World’s First Market-Ready Double-Barrel Pistol

World’s First Market-Ready Double-Barrel Pistol

March 13, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Arsenal Double-Barrel-1911- Knuckle Dragger MagazineIt was bound to happen. I’ve seen a polar bear ride a tricycle, and now a double-barrel pistol. My life, as I know it, is officially complete.

Arsenal Firearms, a weapons manufacturer out of Italy has created the world’s first fully functioning double-barrel pistol called the “Twenty Eleven”.

The idea for the semi-automatic hand-held rocket launcher was originally the brain child of Swiss armorer Vivian Mueller, who created a long slide double-barrel Sig P210 about  ten years ago.

It was a hot collectors piece that reportedly fired very well. Now the crew at Arsenal has created an industry-ready version modeled from The Colt 1911-A1. 16 capacity mag with .45 caliber bullets.

It only took the R&D team six-months to manufacture a gun that has the stopping power to take down a Bull with a single shot. Accuracy is not an issue, with 16 rounds hitting a target the size of an orange from 15-yards. All bullets connect with a watermelon at 25 yards. Great news for Gallagher…Now he doesn’t have to use that pesky sledgehammer.

The entire payload of the of the Twenty Eleven (18 shots) can be delivered in about 3 seconds and is adorned with a litany of custom parts that include a single slide, single frame, single spur double hammer, single grip safety, single body double mainspring housing and single double cavity magazine floor plate, long and double magazine latch, special barrel bushings and hold open lever and side lever safety with long shafts…Try saying that five times.

The Twenty Eleven can be ordered with independent triggers or one permanently affixed trigger. No matter what configuration you choose, two rounds will always discharge when the gun is fired. With a price tag hovering around 4,500, I would only recommend this for collectors, or someone who needs to take down a bull at close range.

Enjoy the video of the Twenty Eleven in action. The title of the video, “Double Dream.” Well, they’re gun makers not George Lucas.