Who Hates Jersey Shore? Pittsburgh Dad, and Me

October 31, 2012 4 By Rodney Burrell

Whores of Fame

As if the heaven’s opened up and dropped down nuggets of happiness, Jersey Shore is no longer going to be on the air. Finally, the reign of moronic, oversexed gargoyles with the souls of a Large fry from McDonald’s is no longer permitted to torture America with their complete and utter stupidity and lack of anything pure in this world.

The fact that Snooki can even procreate is a crime against humanity. The fact that girls and guys watch this show proves how much of a downward spiral we’ve made  in overall intelligence and judgement of what’s good entertainment.

I curse all who followed, watched, or even DVR’d it. Those of you who blew out your hair like Pauly D, I wish bad things upon you. You’re all an embarrassment to the air we breathe.

Unfortunately, another TV station else will pick up this show for reruns, and will linger on like the stage five clinger we’ve all had at least once in our lives. The cold that won’t go away, a festering wound in society’s moral decay.

As if MTV didn’t lose enough  credit with slashing music videos by 90% and filling them up with game shows and shitty, shallow reality TV, they produced Jersey Shore, an abomination of everything we should treasure in this world.

Here’s Pittsburgh Dad sharing my disdain of one of the worst shows ever created.