What’s a Digital Magazine Anyway?

October 16, 2012 5 By Rodney Burrell

A Digital Magazine is a fully-fledged publication that is viewed online via a Digital Viewer (A digital viewer is a program or app that allows a full magazine to be flipped through like it was in the printed form)

Digital Magazines are able to share data across websites and social media platforms light years faster than traditional print magazines.

Digital Magazines offer more information, on demand. As more people choose to receive information through their phones and tablets, digital magazines have skyrocketed in popularity. 85% of people between the ages of 21-35 read magazines digitally.

Digital Magazines offer advertisers quicker, more tangible results.

Digital Magazines ARE NOT Printed Publications. Although the same amount of time and effort are put into creating a digital magazine, they are not printed in the traditional sense, they are uploaded to the digital viewer.

Digital Magazines ARE NOT Websites. There is a misconception that digital magazines are just websites with content. Digital Magazines often have supporting websites, just as a print magazine would, but they are stand alone publications with separate stories other than the ones on the website.

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