Viita Titan HRV: The Luxury Smartwatch

Viita Titan HRV: The Luxury Smartwatch

February 8, 2020 Off By Cory Taggart

Smartwatches are steadily gaining popularity, with each new version piling on the features. Maybe they haven’t quite yet reached the technological peaks of Bond watches or Ben 10’s Omnitrix, but that gap is shrinking rapidly. The problem is the “watch” part of the name. Every model strays further and further from the traditional watch design. Despite being advertised for an active lifestyle, many are not durable. There must be a way to create a functional and dynamic smartwatch, right? Enter the Viita Titan HRV.

titan hrv kickstarter

The Titan’s Kickstarter splash image

The Viita Difference

Unlike typical smartwatches, which use stainless steel for the housing, the Titan is made from titanium. Titanium is non-allergenic, thus suitable for every skin type. Despite being lighter than steel (a whopping 42%), it’s significantly harder- therefore more durable. Luxury watches are also manufactured out of titanium, adding to the “traditional” watch feel. That mindset continues throughout construction with the ceramic bezel and sapphire glass.

Arguably the biggest strength for the Titan HRV is that it’s waterproof. Normally, smart devices and water don’t mix, but the Titan encourages wearers to take it for a dip. It’s waterproof for up to 10 ATM- that’s a grand total of 100 meters underwater. Accidentally leave your watch on in the shower? No worries! You can even go snorkeling while wearing it, which makes the built-in GPS even more useful.

All About Tech

The Titan HRV can analyze your heart rate and how it varies throughout the day. Using this information, it can “calculate your individual training recommendation in real time,” as the website claims. In layman’s terms, the longer you wear the watch, the better it is at giving you health advice and workout tips. Coupled with drink management, stress analysis, and other features, it’s the perfect smartwatch for the most active of users. Some may argue this makes it a greater competitor to FitBit than the Apple Watch (not a totally inaccurate statement, to be fair). But the smartphone connectivity and notifications keep it firmly in the smartwatch category.

There have been many comparisons to another luxury smartwatch brand, Garmin. Both Garmin and Viita have plenty of overlap with their features and design. Michael Kaisergruber of Viita told Wareable why the similarities exist:

“We’re a little different to Garmin, I think. We have a touchscreen, we have completely different price points in this campaign – something like our watch for Garmin would cost around $800. Our idea was never to copy Garmin, it was to create a beautiful, classic watch. That’s something Garmin does, too, and those guys do it really well, and that’s why we see them as a competitor.”

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Image credit: A Blog To Watch

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the Titan HRV is now on the market for 499.17€, or about $549 US. Pricey? Sure, but it’s still cheaper than many other smartwatches. The number of features and build quality also contribute to the price tag. Besides, while it may be a smartwatch, it is still considered a luxury watch. And doesn’t the word “luxury” imply a little bit of overindulgence?

Well, it’s for your health, and there’s no price tag on that.