Up Your Selfie Game 100% with a Personal Drone

Up Your Selfie Game 100% with a Personal Drone

January 11, 2015 0 By Rodney Burrell

auto-following-nano-drone-300x250Is staring at a phone for selfies becoming too inconvenient? Has the act of holding a phone up 35 degrees in front of you become cumbersome and tiresome? Sick of almost dying while trying to get the perfect shot of you pretending to be sleeping? Well, we’ve got the medicine.

Let us introduce you to ZANO, an autonomous drone with a camera that will follow you around and take video or pictures.

Think of the possibilities. 360 degree sex tape action? Maximum awesome. Gym selfie? Pump and done. Driving selfie? Shift and sorted.

It’s the answer to the world’s problems, and then some.

How do you help an extremely tech depraved culture in desperate need of more technology to survive their poor quality of life and deplorable conditions? More technology.

For $265.00, you can free yourself from the oppressive chains of conventional selfie-taking and become the envy of your friends. Take it to the club, take it to the grocery store, take it to the toilet. ZANO doesn’t care, but America does, get to posting.