Try This Technique for Your Best Orgasm

Try This Technique for Your Best Orgasm

August 3, 2014 0 By Leanne Clute

Alright guys, what fun would it be if we didn’t get a little down and dirty every now and then? Today we are going to talk about the one sex technique that has men crooning. It first became mainstream as the winner of a contest for “unnamed sex act” hosted by syndicated sex columnist Dan Savage. The initial shock has worn off but men still have questions and wonder if it’s really worth it.

What exactly are we talking about?


WAIT! Don’t leave your browser page just yet. I bet you are one of the men who has been wondering just what it’s all about but were too afraid to ask. You probably haven’t been lifting at the gym and talking about it with your buddies. And you definitely haven’t brought it up to your girlfriend or tried it during your self-pleasure time.  But that’s ok. I know you’re still curious, so here are some answers.

What is Pegging?

Pegging, also known as “milking the prostate,” is the act of prostate stimulation through the anus. Stimulation in this part of the body leads to enhanced pleasure and – for lack of a better term – explosive orgasms.

Why is it all the Rage?

Men are into their own satisfaction – as they should be. For decades there has been so much focus on pleasing a woman that men were left in the wind. It is almost like the male orgasm is fractionally as important as the female orgasm simply because we know that it will happen every time.

Another factor of pegging is that men today are taking control of their pleasure. At first, pegging was seen as a homosexual act and if you expressed interest in anal play it meant (or at least some people thought it meant) that you were gay. Pegging is popping up everywhere and therefore people are becoming desensitized to the act. Here is a quick run-down of where pegging has been shown or mentioned in recent years:

–          In 2008 in the movie Zack and Miri Make a Prono.

–          In 2010, Dan Savage “educated” Steven Colbert on the act when he appeared on The Colbert Report.

–          Spartacus: Vengence

–          There was mention in the popular series 50 Shades of Grey by E.L. James

Of course this list doesn’t include the hundreds of blog posts, news articles, magazine articles and books devoted to the subject.

How to Do It Solo

The area around the anus is incredibly sensitive. During masturbation, reach your free hand around and apply pressure to the rectum. You will notice the stimulation immediately. To take it to the next level try an anal plug. There are a variety of plugs to try and companies like Classix make styles that are specifically designed for male pleasure. An anal trainer kit should be your first choice for solo play. These have a 3 to 5 different sized plugs that gradually stretch the area so that it can handle a dildo. You will also find that an anal jelly wand is easy to use when it’s just you. The beaded versions will supply additional stimulation when moved in and out during masturbation.

How to Do it With Her

Let’s be honest, when you think of an intimate act like pegging you really want your woman to do it to you. This is one of those prime times when you need to start a dialogue and see what her feelings are about it. For me, I’m not comfortable putting on a stap-on but I love incorporating toys in the bedroom and want you to have the maximum pleasure possible. After all, like most women, that’s what I expect from you for myself. Some women are going to be more accommodating than others. You will undoubtedly find that plenty of women are just not into this.

In his book The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men, Bill Brent notes that there is a psychological factor to pegging for both sexes. First, on some level, men who enjoy pegging like the feeling of submitting to a woman. He trusts her with his pleasure. In the same vein, there are women who enjoy being the dominant in the bedroom. Pegging gives her exactly that.

To start, she can use a well-lubricated and gloved finger, slowing move it around the rectum and in and out during sex. You can then gradually move up to anal trainer kits, plugs and strap-on dildos as you feel comfortable. You will notice the internal massage of any finger or object on your prostate right away. As a result, your erection will be harder and your orgasms will be more intense. And by intense I mean earth-shattering.

I think it goes without saying – don’t forget to pick up a basic water-based lube. Skip the frills. You do not want anything tingling, burning or fruit flavored in that area.

This conversation was pretty painless right? Hopefully you are more confident with your desire to give pegging a try or, at the very least, have quenched your curiosity for the details. If you are not up for reading Bill Brent’s book then stop by or similar sites where you can find instructional videos on the act.