September 1, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

transcendence-johnny-depp-2014-imagesIf you’re looking for a movie to make you feel weird inside, Transcendence will sure do the trick. Johnny Depp stars as  Dr. Will Caster, a scientist with a bit of a God complex that falls terminally ill by way of a anti-establishment groups rogue poison bullet.

Faced with impending doom, Caster’s wife, Evelyn, played by Rebecca Hall, makes the decision to upload her dying husband’s essence into computer form.

Caster passes on, but what transpires over the rest of the movie is a wild ride of anarchy and overt messages of how dependent our culture is on technology. Our savior and our enemy all wrapped into one shiny little package.

Transcendence is an eery tale of science and the lengths we will go to be with the ones that we love. The acting was spot on. Depp gives a memorable, yet placid performance, as he is playing a doctor converted into a computer program. Rebecca Hall shows the true nature of writhing agony and just wanting her husband back, by any means necessary.

Although the movie has a rather tepid tone overall, it has a great cast and it’s definitely worth the $1.28 from Redbox.