Top Five Tackles On Unruly Sports Fans

Top Five Tackles On Unruly Sports Fans

September 29, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

#5. Green Bay Packers’ Linebacker Brad Jones goes WWE on a fan that decided to storm the field.

#4.  Steelers’  Linebacker James Harrison also got some revenge on a Cleveland Browns fan by not only suplexing him, but also adding an arm twist to the fun. The fan didn’t appreciate the sweet move and proceeded to grab Harrison by the facemask. Epic.

#3. A Mariners’ fan tries to get an up close meet and greet with the players and gets blindsided by a rugby-esque tackle from a security guard.

#2. One of Ohio State’s coaches, Anthony Schlegel, pulls out the judo moves with a neck-inspired take down. Look at the way the former linebacker breaks down and squares up the drunked up college stoner.

#1. A Red Sox fan was absolutely obliterated by a security guard when he stormed the field.