Top 3 escape the room game series

Top 3 escape the room game series

October 10, 2014 0 By Enzo Knight

If you’re not familiar with the “Escape the room” gaming niche, then you probably belong to the majority. These games are obscure, sometimes surreal and almost always hard to find for the average gaming and otherwise user. But, Dork Magazine comes to the rescue as we start our countdown:


3. Toshimitsu Takagi series (Crimson and Viridian room, Pink Prison, Blue and White Chamber)

Takagi is the man who started the whole thing with his 2001 game – The Crimson Room. Since then, the subgenre exploded in all directions, making the late office hours a tad bit less boring than usual. You can choose between several different colored rooms, but I suggest you try Crimson first and proceed from there.


2. Neutral Escape Game series

I’m not really sure if another game will see the light of day as stated by the official site (blog last updated in 2012), but let’s not give out on hope just yet. Neatly arranged by its difficulty level, you can choose between several escape games: Switch, Sphere, RGB, Lights, Linkage and Vision. If in a hurry, pick some of the four miniature ‘Christmas Escape’ versions offered by the same site.


1. Submachine series

Since playing Submachine 2 (then misspelled by me as Submarine) I was instantly hooked to its surreal atmosphere, perfectly paced puzzles and Mateuzs Skutnik’s surreal-yet-realistic art style. The constant feel of eeriness fills every scene you next find yourself in, and the music adds even more suspense while you desperately try to escape the immersive world of Submachine.

Oh, and escape the room games are basically walled prisons from which you have to find an escape route using nothing but your logic and creative thinking.