TION: On The Rise

TION: On The Rise

March 15, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

10012620_10152024909782775_1867487684_nI was perusing through social media as I usually do everyday, infected with copious amounts of cat images, relationship quotes, and selfies, oh the selfies. And then something caught my eye, a shirt with the name TION.

My first reaction was, oh boy, another clothing line that makes no sense with some inane reference to making money or objectification of stupidity, but then I dug a little more and was inspired by what I saw.

My inner high-five guy was elated by a clothing line with an actual purpose, designed with intent and executed with professionalism. The back of the t-shirt read, “Take AcTION…Make it Happen.”

I had my ah ha moment of clarity. My professional stalker skills led me to uncover a few more t-shirts. “Limits exist for the rest of humanity” “Life is way too short to wait” and “The Lion does not concern itself  with the opinions of the sheep”.

Ok, now I’m onto something. I read a credo from the TION Facebook page, giving a message of hope, and InspiraTION.

Hope is yummy.

Looks like the quality of the line is formidable, and the design elements are relative to someone actually wanting to wear them outside of a charity function or candlelight vigil. A huge failure with most inspirational lines is their fashion sense, but TION hits the mark in a big way. And from what I saw in the promo shoot, they know lots of attractive people.

However, I don’t know who’s behind the line. Maybe inspirational ninjas, or a gang of really “with it” nuns, but whoever it is, and wherever they are, keep it up. You are doing good in this world. Visit the TION facebook page for more information.

Seacrest out.