Tiny Assassins Rejoice: Miniature Gun that Fires 300mph Bullets

November 14, 2012 0 By Rodney Burrell

If you’ve got an extra 4k burning a hole in your pocket, you can be the proud owner of the world’s smallest handgun. Swiss Mini Gun, the manufacturer of the tiny shooter, created the gun as a collectors item, and it has a 6-month waiting list.

If you want one shipped to your doorstep, there might be some issues, being that the gun is banned in the US and the UK.

Because of the pint-sized punch of the 2.34mm-caliber ammunition and the ability to get through airport security and pretty much any place with a metal detector.

SMG claims that the velocity could not harm someone, but other people say that’s not the case. Ballistics experts say that the force could penetrate the skin,especially¬† the eye if fired at close range.

At a minimum, it could really mess up your weekend. We included a video that shows the mini gun in action.

Even though it’s banned in the US, Cee Lo Green and Kelly Clarkson now have a weapon that finally fits their little fingers. Also, TLC might have another reality show on their hands, The Little Gunslingers.