This is the Ultimate Trick for G-Spot Stimulation

This is the Ultimate Trick for G-Spot Stimulation

April 20, 2015 0 By Leanne Clute

If you’ll recall, I had an interesting summer embracing the world of online dating for the first time in some seven years. I met some interesting characters. Tying for first with the bowel-movement-obsessed guy is the man who flat-out told me that he masturbates daily with a vibrator stuck in his ass. You guys, I CANNOT make this stuff up.

I’m no one to judge anyone’s version of pleasure. But some information doesn’t need to be broadcast in the first meeting. Nonetheless, his approach to getting his rocks off is right on point with the sexual trend of pegging that you may remember I wrote about a few months ago.

amazing-blow-jobI often say that the world of sex and pleasure is vast – as big as my arms can span – and what most of us know about it is microscopic in comparison. With every piece I write, every book I read, and every person I meet, I am amazed at what I learn about how pleasure works for different people with different preferences. I mean, despite my vast sexcapades and experiences, I just learned what the “shocker” (absolutely thought it was some silly rockstar hand symbol) was while lost in Pennsylvania on my way home from Christmas in New  York.

That being said, the concept of pegging is built on internal prostate stimulation. Stimulation of this area leads to more explosive and satisfying orgasms. However, for men who are not quite as adventurous there is an alternative, external option.

Enter Now, The Male G-Spot

While the female g-spot might be elusive, the male g-spot is out in plain sight. If you are familiar with the slang term taint then you know exactly where I’m going with this. The perineum is the official name for the swath of skin that exists behind the scrotum, before you reach the anus. This section of skin is the external cover of the prostate gland.

How to Stimulate it

The best time to simulate this area is during solo or oral sex. Chances are you are leaning towards the latter. When your lady is going down on you, have her stretch her index and middle fingers past your ball sack and apply gentle, massaging pressure with her fingertips. This move is relatively easy to do since she will already have her hand in place and the rhythm of the massage will match the rhythm of her mouth gyrating up and down your cock.

Stimulation of this area is going to feel weird and exciting at first. For some men, its proximity to the anus is a little too close for comfort. However, if you let your mind clear and focus on what you are feeling, you will notice increased arousal.

For men who struggle to come through a blow job or hand job alone, this little trick can be exactly what you need to cross the finish line.

Vibrators Aren’t Just for Women

wescreamvibeIn his book Passionista: The Empowered Woman’s Guide to Pleasuring a Man, sex therapist Ian Kerner mentions the power of external g-spot stimulation with a low pulse vibrator. The reason vibrators are so effective for clitoral stimulation with women is because it stimulates tissue that is deep inside which leads to a more powerful and pleasurable orgasm. The same concept applies to men.

Now, some vibrators out there for women are pretty scary. Remember that these are designed to deliver a whole host of stimulation to various parts of the female genitals. Men do not need all those fancy beads, teethed nubs, and flapping pseudo-tongues. For you, opt for a velvet smooth, multi-speed traditional style vibrator. I highly recommend the Nasswalk Velvet Kiss We Scream available on for only $10. The silky smooth shell will feel enticing on your g-spot and the varied speeds make it easy for your partner to start with subtle vibrations and work it up as you become more aroused.

For solo play, you could also choose a vibrated constriction ring or stroker.

Some things are worth trying, guys. You don’t know the limits of your own pleasure until you do.

Until next time,