The World’s Most Blinged Ride: The King ZL1

November 20, 2012 1 By Rodney Burrell

I’ve seen alot of crazy ass cars in my day, but this takes the green and gold cake. 813 Customs, a shop that’s in the business of making cars look like they’ve been drinking Redbull for a few weeks, created quite the spectacle called the King ZL1. The  highly modified Camaro required a complete tear down and rebuild worthy of Pamela Anderson and Joan Rivers combined.

The V-8 King ZL1 comes with three 23-inch TV’s in the rear, gold vinyl exterior wrap for an extra Dubai-esuqe oil king feel, Stage 2 cam, Whipple 2.9 supercharger, magnaflow exhaust, rotafab intake, and kook headers.

With all that performance, you might think the guy would want to actually drive the thing, but that’s virtually impossible with the 30 inch Forgiato Maschili gold rims.

Needless to say, whoever owns this car will be riding nice and slow, no matter how much they have under the hood.

Other custom pieces include the University of South Florida interior, green halo headlights, and an insanely customized audio system with a gazillion speakers. Hello annoying, my name is King ZL1, we’re going to be best friends.

Although the crew at 813 customs did an eye-popping job on the King ZL1 and it reflects well on their ability to customize anything to any specification,  this thing is an absolute abomination of a vehicle.

It bleeds over the top narcissism with ghetto fabulous undertones. Whoever owns or purchases this car for anything other than a side show, should be beaten with with a sack of oranges.

What do you think of the King ZL1?