The Shark Knife

The Shark Knife

October 13, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

shark knifeWell, in the spirit of complete insanity, we present you the shark knife. Perhaps the most unwieldy apparatus we’ve ever seen, you’re much more likely to impale yourself versus anyone else.

The knife, which is actually a sleeve of sorts, is equipped with a series of some 13 blades from what I can make out.

The terror you will strike in the hearts of men is great with this magnificent, yet beastly sleeve of death. Unless you plan on fighting the cartel again, you might just want to wear this around the house.

We’re not 100% sure where you can purchase the shark knife, but we estimate it would cost around $350.00. If you manage to find one, make sure you let us know how long it took before you sliced yourself while trying to make a ham sandwich.