The Rover

The Rover

October 7, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

TheRover1Set in Australia, post collapse of the world as we know it, The Rover follows Eric, (Guy Pearce) a loner with a serious attitude, and Reynolds (Robert Pattinson), a sharp, but slow-witted youngster. The two set on a collision course when Reynolds’ brother, Henry (Scoot McNairy) steals Eric’s car.

Eric is hell-bent on getting his car back when he runs into Reynolds, who was left to die by his brother during a robbery gone wrong. Eric takes Reynolds hostage, gets him patched up, and the two set out to find Henry, but more importantly, Eric’s car.

The journey the two take is one of profound realism and pain. The Rover is a visceral epic of religious proportions. The minimalist nature adds to the haunting nature of Eric’s true hopelessness.

Guy Pearce’s magnificently portrays the nature of a man with nothing to lose, void of any sense of responsibility or loyalty. A truly fear inducing character of malevolence masked with underlying pain and rage.

Robert Pattinson executes a flawless rendition of  fierce innocence and bubbling rage. Influenced by the dark nature of his captor, he descends into a hole of despair, which ultimately becomes his undoing.

Overall The Rover is a well executed film showcasing the visceral nature of the human race. It’s not a feel good film in any way, but Pattinson and Pearce do provide some dry comedy throughout their journey. The pace of the movie of is slow and a bit disjointed in the beginning, but gripping nonetheless. If you can get through the first ten minutes, you’ll be hooked.