The Pittsburgh Film Office Seminar October 27th & 28th

The Pittsburgh Film Office Seminar October 27th & 28th

October 16, 2012 0 By ScottyB

The Pittsburgh Film Office is once again spoiling you folks of Pittsburgh with an upcoming seminar for Production Assistants to get you working in the film industry. Have you ever thought of getting off your parent’s couch and doing something productive? Despite what your parents tell you, if you’re 30, and still live at home, it is not OK!

Get off the couch, set down the XBox controller (I know it’s hard to walk away from Call of Duty, it happens to me), and get ready for October 27th & 28th, which is a Saturday and Sunday. The Film Office has brought back Kenny Chaplin (DGA Assistant Director). Trust me, I had to Google his name and check Wikipedia too.Kenny Chaplin has been in the film industry for over a decade and half dealing with the B.S. of Hollywood. It wasn’t easy for Kenny trying to battle his way into the movie business and getting to see the true insides of Hollywood. But his persistence and patience paid off and opened a lot of doors for him. As Beavis & Butthead say it best, “I have climbed the mountain and have seen the light”.

Chaplin has worked with directors Ridley Scott, Ang Lee, Terrence Malick, and David Mamet. I can barely remember movie titles, let alone their directors. Here are some of the movies Kenny has worked on, “End of Days”, “Dude, Where’s  My Car”, “Body of Lies”, “Runaway Jury”, “The Thin Red Line”, and good old “Moby Dick”. Kenny will be sharing his experiences and offering guidance on how to get into Hollywood, and the do’s and don’ts of the business…

It’s a live seminar being held at:

Point Park University Center-Lawrence Hall Ballroom

212 Wood Street

Pittsburgh, PA 15222

For the further details, click on the link below, or call 1.800.579.1570: