The Key Of X

August 5, 2012 0 By AbbieJanzef


I’m not sure if it’s just me who thinks this, but most of the time I don’t really see much of a difference between a cover band, and bad karaoke singers. Luckily I find that in this case, The Key Of X isn’t like that. With a repertoire that covers music of many varieties, it seems like there’s a song for every taste.
Do you ever wish you could hear the same band play Journey, Tenacious D, Kelly Clarkson, Cee Lo Green, and Lil’ Wayne? I do, all the time. As you can probably tell by all the artists they cover, they are completely impartial when it comes to the music they play. And as a bonus, they don’t do any obnoxiously over played Abba, like most other cover bands seem to do.
But of course, a touch of their own personal style is added on. When a band takes a new approach to a song that you already like, the results can turn out a little shaky, to say the least. Usually, the song is either great, or it pisses you off that some band even tried to play it. I’ve never really seen anyone experience an in between emotion when it comes to tweaking music. However, I believe that The Key Of X does a great job preserving the original song, while still adding more of their style to it.
The places they have played include Buckhead Saloon, Claddugh Irish Pub, Glenn’s Place, Cadillac Ranch, and Altar Bar. You can also try and book the band for bars, clubs, concert halls, and weddings.
The members of the band are David Toole, Darin DiNapoli, Dan Schiz, Jonathan Joseph, Patrick Romanelli, and Thor Lesnock. They will be playing at Cadillac Ranch on August 4th, and also at the Spinal Bifida Association of Western PA Fundraiser on August 11th.