The Hotelicopter: A New Meaning to the Mile High Club

November 14, 2012 0 By Rodney Burrell

Imagine taking a trip in a flying hotel helicopter, now imagine yourself getting lucky in said helicopter, or should I say Hotelicopter. An 18-room luxury flying hotel equipped with queen sized beds, and all the luxury fixins. Now before you get all excited, throttle down, because it was a joke played on the entire world on April Fools Day back in 2009.

The Hotelicopter was supposedly based off of the Soviet military helicopter, the MV-12. The maiden voyage was to take place at JFK and arrive in England a month later.

Millions of people fell for the prank, and it was considered one of the best April Fools jokes during the year.

Sorry guys, back to the bathroom for your sexy conquest of air domination.