The Guitar Doorbell…Sexy Just Got A Tune Up.

The Guitar Doorbell…Sexy Just Got A Tune Up.

September 12, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

guitar-doorbell1-300x250You suave devil you. Not only are your powers of seduction strong, but now you’ve added a whole new weapon of seduction to your arsenal. The Guitar Doorbell. Channel your inner Enrique Iglesias with this full-scale acoustic guitar that will serenade your guests with any chord of your choice.

When the door is opened, a pick strums across the guitar strings, leaving all of your guests wondering one thing, how do I know such an awesome person, and what can I do to be more like him? It’s true.

Impress ladies, impress your buddies, create deep-seeded jealousy amongst your guitarless friends, and perhaps get an offer from Kate Upton to become her new boyfriend.

Kate Upton like guitars.