“Gym Wildlife” Video Makes Every Gym Goer Look Like an Asshole…And It’s 100% Correct.

Something happened the other day. YouTube production team, “Buff Dudes”, made a parody video of what about gym culture, and it complete wrecks every person that has been to the gym. Obviously discounting old people who talk most of the time and fall asleep mid rep. They’ve also left out the all important mom demographic, and their mom shorts…A scary derivative of mom jeans, but more scary, with more skin.

Our personal favorite, the gym trollops that fish for attention, only to turn it away…as if. *hair flip*

Nevertheless, enjoy all of this sweaty gym magic.

Guy Steals Phone, Gets Hit By Car

thief hit by carIn a series of great events, a man sneaks up on a guy at a restaurant, steals his phone, and then runs across the street.

But wait.

In order to get across the street, you have to avoid cars, something the thief seemed to forget to do. He proceeds to get sacked by an oncoming vehicle. Obviously the guy he stole the phone from made sure he was ok? Nah, let me get my phone back and finish my lunch.

The perp stumbles along before the video stops.

Lesson 1: If you can dodge a car, you can dodge a ball.

Lesson 2:If you’re going to steal a cell phone, use a helicopter as your getaway vehicle. Or jetpack.

This Old Couple Just Won The Internet

old guy dancingForget silver sneakers, 3pm buffet, and hitting the sack at 4:30pm, this old couple is knocking on the door of absolute immortality with this video of them dancing their arses off at some type of place where dancing is legal.

The mystery couple see nothing wrong with a little bump and grind, as they put everyone else in the universe to shame.

I’m placing a bet that this guy will be on Ellen within the next two weeks. Who can resist old people having sex with their clothes on. Brilliant.