Superhero Shot Glasses

Superhero Shot Glasses

February 1, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Superhero Shot Glasses Knuckle dRagger MagazineClearly you’re a genius. Everyone is laughing, the hotness level of every female is up 200%, and your self-image to those hot women isn’t even trackable by conventional measuring tools.

You’re a god of the party, champagne should fall from the heavens at some point and time. And then you wake up. No girl, a headache, and the only thing you slept with last night was a bag of Cheetos.

Obviously, things went wrong somewhere, and while we don’t encourage over-drinking or the morning of shame afterwards, at least you can do it in style with superhero shot glasses. Create a justice league of fine liquor; Be sophisticated, be a classy nerd. Wear a monocle, and drink the drink of Bruce Wayne.

While you may not get the girl, you will get the high-five of your broski brethren, and a fresh bag of Cheetos.