Star Wars Inspired BMW M6

Star Wars Inspired BMW M6

October 2, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

The brilliant minds at Vilner, a tuning and customization company out of  Europe, created a BMW M6 inspired by the upcoming Star Wars film, due to release sometime next year. An homage to The Imperial Stormtrooper armor may just cause a premature nerdgasm, as the triple white paint mimics the elite defenders of the Galactic Empire.

Even Darth Vader would be proud of the subtle nuances that show respect to the dark side, such as the parallel stitching on the seats to duplicate the look and feel of Vader’s suit.

The grill pays tribute to the Stormtrooper visor, and the most noticeable imprint of the Stormtrooper presence, the white back on the seats.

While this is an epic project for many reasons, the M6 still hauls ass with a 5-liter V-10 producing 500 horsepower. It’s surely not going to compete with a Star Destroyer, but it will provide the most discriminating soldier a good time while on the measly planet earth.