Sophie Howard

Sophie Howard

December 5, 2012 0 By Rodney Burrell


Sophie Howard is a former model who retired in December of 2011 to focus full time on college. Howard hails from across the pond and was raised in Southport.She became a stripper at 17, and the sky has been the limit ever since then.

Howard signed to IMM and appeared in all the UK’s top men’s magazines like Loaded, Nuts, Bizarre and Maxim.

She’s been on the cover of Loaded Magazine more than any other model and has a dedicated fan base from the armed forces. Howard is also a huge fan of Nintendo, and has a tattoo of a mushroom to honor one of her favorite games, Super Mario Brothers.

Howard is bi-sexual and has stated that she has been involved in a threesome with a couple while on vacation in Ayia Napa.

Howard was at the center of an interesting story a while back when  she went into a gym locker room and an elderly lady started flirting with her and asked politely to suck on her boobs.

Sophie declined, and it turned into somewhat of a scandal.

Although we’re sad to see her go off into the nerd-o-sphere, Howard has not ruled out coming back in front of the camera after she graduates and realizes that she’ll have to pay back all those student loans and her real job will never allow her to do that.

Here’s to the backwards education system.