Smart Phone Plug-In Laser

Smart Phone Plug-In Laser

August 31, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

iphone-laser-pointer-300x250You’ve managed to fight off the cartel so far, thanks to your throwing cards of death, and handy tactical bookshelf, but now you’re on the run, and silence is key. It’s time to get smart…Phone that is. We all know smart phones can pretty much do anything nowadays.

They can start a car, turn on the lights in your home…Hell, they can even tune your guitar right before you get on stage to play with Slash. I mean, he’s kind of an attention whore, but whatever, I let him have his moment.

Now, with the power of science, and Ethan Hunt, your iPhone can now wield the power of the laser. Will it blind anyone? probably not. The best you’ll be able to do is scare the cartel into thinking there’s a sharpshooter on the rooftop ready to paint the town red. I mean, it’s only $60.00, what do you expect?

Nevertheless, the laser plugs right into your headphone jack for hours of laser pointing fun and excitement. In the mean time, you better get on the move, those cartel guys aren’t the wee-bit amused about you putting their retinas in danger with a smart phone laser.