Skinny Jeans…The Debate Continues.

October 11, 2012 3 By Rodney Burrell

I’m 5’11 210lbs…some fat, some muscle, but all man. And one thing I can guarantee is that my wife wouldn’t want to see me in is a pair of skinny jeans that flattens my junk like a 95 camaro at a monster truck rally.

When did dressing like a chick become some sort of acceptable pseudo fashion statement? When and where did we go wrong that teenage boys look up to Justin Beaver?

Yeah I said that, Beaver. When he stops looking like a chick, I’ll call him by his real name.I know, they said the same thing about earrings back in the day, but this is a fundamental shift in the way we view males in this society. I’m not trying to go all Ted Nugent on everybody,  but Skinny jeans…not a good look.

This is my plea to all the boys and men out there…Guys, give your junk a break, and put on some sweatpants.