Sharif Jones Finds Home with Brazen Gym

Sharif Jones Finds Home with Brazen Gym

November 3, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

anthony jones-vs-james jordan“The Philadelphia Bad Boy” Sharif “BammBamm” Jones, has the longest intro name in editorial history. Thankfully he was able to back up all those nouns and verbs with his recent win, as he dominated an undefeated fellow amateur James Jordan in a 30-27 unanimous victory.

Bad Boy was overcome with emotions after the win. He said in an impromptu interview, “I broke down after that crying on my coach’s shoulder because they knew all I needed was a family behind me and I can go to the top.”

BammBamm has endured a tumultuous career to say the least. A Journeyman moniker would probably do him the most justice.

“Had a roll coaster of a career, been on two different fight teams in one year. Had five different coaches corner me out of my nine fights. I never had a stable camp and fight team until I came to Brazen Boxing and MMA,” said Jones.

Thank Royce Gracie that amateurs can actually fight in this part of the country. Some states are brutally boring, PA being one of them. Shin pads, really? It’s like a Taekwondo match gone very bad. Jones showed great head movement and striking throughout all rounds. He looked more focused and sharp than his previous bouts, and credits Brazen Boxing and MMA, and its coaches for his victory.

“I came to brazen saved my career and make me a better fighter, a better man. Jason Sargus has done a lot for me in and out of the cage to keep me balanced and support me.”

Jones also explained a special bond with Pro fighter, Anthony “Animal” Terrell.

“Working next to Anthony Terrell, my big brother; a guy I look up to everyday, motivates me and he is my guidance in this sport.”

Jones, who recently had a baby girl, is making sacrifices to keep his cage career on the upward trend.

“It’s hard being an amateur fighter and a young father financially. I take a big loss because I dedicate all my time to the gym. I’m the first man walking into brazen doors and last to leave every day from Monday thru Saturday,” said Jones.

I’m pleasantly surprised at Jones’s candor. He’s raw, and knows there are demons to expel from his being. However, he finds his catharsis inside the cage, and so he works hellishly hard to make his dream a reality.

I’ll be keeping an eye on his progress, as I’m sure there will be plenty of in the future.