Sexting 101: What it Can do For Your Relationship and How to Do it Right

Sexting 101: What it Can do For Your Relationship and How to Do it Right

April 14, 2013 0 By Leanne Clute

sexting knuckle dragger magazineYou might remember our very popular post – Skip the Gym and Hit the Sack: 3 Reasons Why Sex Does a Body Good – where we talked about the powerful effect of dirty talk in terms of curbing your food cravings and helping you not only lose weight but also spice up your relationship. But the art of dirty texting – a.k.a. sexting – offers more benefits than just a healthier appetite. It has the ability to build a stronger bond between two people and deterring cheating and wandering eyes. The problem is that sometimes we think we are being sexy but the words on the screen come off awkward, creepy and utterly unsexy. One bad sext message can ruin the experience for both of you and create awkward tension and insecurity that may eat away at the foundation of your relationship.

What are the Benefits of Sexting for Your Relationship?

Think of sexting as the new age, slightly more inappropriate version of a love letter. Even way-back-when, lovers expressed their deep desires in written form (and flowery proper English language). Today we are blessed to a bounty of technology that makes it easy to send a flirty message in the middle of the day. Sweet talking your lady makes her feel special and helps intensify the feelings she already has for you. Your desire to sext her ‘til she sweats builds your love and desire as you strive to please her and only her. Sexting is also a way to keep the lines of communication open – a must for any successful relationship. Finally, it is one way to make your day go by faster and help both of you be primed and ready for an eventful evening in the sack.

Sexting Done Right

We have all experienced that awkward moment where something sounded really good in our heads but sounded completely wrong when the words left our lips. When it comes to sexting, some of your deeper inner thoughts should probably be kept in your head or reserved for the bedroom. Spice up your chats with flirty gestures and expressions of what you can’t wait to do when you get home. Let the conversation unfold naturally and don’t try too hard to come up with something super-sexy to say. Your partner loves you for who you are and expects all of your nerdiness, quirkiness, and sheer awesomeness to radiate in your messages – even the dirty ones.

A Few Final Tips

In recent years the concept of sexting has been making the news as a few too many tech-privileged tweens and teens have used it to send pictures and messages that are inappropriate for younger audiences. Truthfully, sexting is not meant for the youth of our society but instead for those in a budding or committed relationship. Whether you’ve been together for 10 weeks or 30 years, sexting is a fun way to keep the passion and magic alive. Don’t share your pictures or messages with others, sexting is meant to be private. Consider using apps like Avocado which allows two people to share pictures, messages and more with ONLY each other or SnapChat  which allows you to send (dirty) pictures which can only be viewed for a short period of time before they are automatically deleted. Finally, honor your partners schedule. Sexting can be fun but opening a dirty picture when you’re surrounded by co-workers or even worse, family, is not the ideal way to start off a sexy evening.

Do you like to dirty text? What’s the worst place you’ve ever opened a text message in public?