Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi

September 10, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

Sarah Shahi is an actress that has appeared in various television and movies. Notably, USA Network’s Fairly Legal, NBC’s Life, Show Time’s The L Word, and ABC’s Alias. Currently Shahi has a recurring role as Sameen Shaw on the CBS Crime drama, Person of Interest.

Shahi was born and raised in Texas, where she was a star athlete in high school and captain of  the basketball and volleyball team. Upon college, she majored in English and Theater. From there, she landed a gig with the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, despite having never cheered a day in her life, and even appeared in the team’s calendar.

After getting the sweet taste of  being objectified by millions of horny drunk men, and getting paid peanuts to do it, Shahi decided to move out west to give acting a try.  As if the state of California was a huge Journey fan, LA came to her with open arms, and things kind of steamrolled from there. Shahi landed a multitude of roles that have earned her some serious screen time, and allowed her to become a respected actress in the industry.

I loved her troubled character in the NBC series, Life. Shahi played a recovering drug addict that just happened to be a detective. Truly conflicted, visceral, and kind of a smart ass, Shahi executed the essence of her character perfectly, leaving me wanting more. Too bad it only lasted for two seasons. Although, the silver lining is that the show is available on Netflix.

Shahi is a big lover of elephants, and participates in philanthropic activities to protect from ivory selling and poaching. Shahi also has a little kid, and has been married since 2009. No wonder she hasn’t returned my calls, emails, letters, tweets, YouTube videos, sing-o- gram, strip-o-gram, white doves, chocolates, teddy bear, lingerie, and first class ticket to the Red Roof Inn and the best time of her natural life.

Some women just don’t get it. Stalking is a form of affection. Ok, I need to start shaving off some of this hair to send to her manager. Van Gogh style…Minus the whole ear thing.