Ruin Your Kid’s Innocence with the LEGO Strip Club

Ruin Your Kid’s Innocence with the LEGO Strip Club

December 15, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

CFPA_Pole_web_1024x1024Do you think little Johnny has been too sheltered over the past 5 years? Want to kick off the holiday season with bang and completely ruin goodwill , innocence, and overall block building culture for the last 50 years? Get him this LEGO strip club.

Not only is it sure to anger your wife, but it will most likely get your little guy objectifying women before he learns to read his first book.

Teach him that Strippers are people too, and that most of them are drug-free college students seeking to make ends meet in order to complete their first children’s book while on safari in Africa.

This is not an official LEGO project, but a spin-off from a company called Citizen Brick, which takes old LEGO parts and makes them into filthy goodness for all of the brick building deviants and LEGO porn enthusiasts of the world.

If you would like a chance to destroy the meaning of Christmas, and teach your son about paid boobies, visit Citizen Brick online.