Robin Thicke’s New Single “Blurred Lines”:The Man Video of 2013

Robin Thicke’s New Single “Blurred Lines”:The Man Video of 2013

April 2, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

robin-thicke-blurred-lines-video Knuckle Dragger MagazineRobin Thicke, the soulful king of throwback baby-making music had a dry streak over the past few years. Since his critically acclaimed album “The Evolution of Robin Thicke,” Thicke hasn’t been able to duplicate the success, with his last three titles missing the mark.

The music wasn’t bad, it just didn’t capture audiences the way Evo did. Nevertheless, Thicke’s popularity has surged over the past five years and now it’s time for another musical journey with the guy who’s related to that other guy from “Growing Pains.”

Thicke’s latest single, “Blurred Lines”, provides fans with some ear and eye candy, and possibly another winner for 2013. The song starring Pharrell and TI, completely solidifies Thicke’s new direction.

Blurred Lines looks and sounds like a cocaine party mixed with more cocaine. The beat screams Marvin Gaye, and the naked women in the music video screams, naked women (giggidty). It’s classically raunchy with a hint of loveable promiscuity.

For that reason, Blurred Lines is Knuckle Dragger Magazine’s “Man Video of 2013”. Not just because there are naked women running around, but because it’s bold, unforgiving, and more importantly unapologetic.

Thicke has been known to take chances with his music and stated that he never wanted to get trapped in a musical box. Perhaps why his varying styles have been vaguely received.

After watching both versions of the video, I came to one conclusion, everyone on that set was having a blast. Even though the girls are topless, it doesn’t seem forced or awkward. It’s European, and everyone knows Europeans love being naked. That reminds me, I really need to take a vacation.

We’ve included the unrated and rated version of the video. Enjoy, but not too much.

Click to View the  NSFW Version