RedBull Thre3Style Comes to Pittsburgh

January 8, 2013 1 By Rodney Burrell

REdBull Thre3style Knuckle Dragger MagazineThe RedBull Thre3Style USA DJ competition Qualifiers are coming to Pittsburgh on Wednesday, January 16th at Altar Bar in the Strip District. The Thre3style gives DJs 15 minutes to mix 3 different genres of music, and  of course, get the crow rocking. 130 DJs will compete in 32 national events from Pennsylvania to California.

Technical skills are a must, and competitors are judged on track selection, mixing and creativity, but if the crowd isn’t behind your mix, no soup for you.

DJs get two turntables or CDJs and a mixer, two dicers and a midi controller with no hot sync.

This year’s national judges are: DJ A-Track, DJ Z-Trip, and of course DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Thre3Style is the largest DJ competition in the world, with 18 countries participating in the spintastic weeki weeki…last year the world finals were held in Chicago, crowning Four Color Zack the King of Spin.

Could our next mix-master be from the Steel City? Hop down to Altar Bar this month and find out.