Printers now getting way too ‘mobile’

Printers now getting way too ‘mobile’

October 31, 2014 0 By Enzo Knight

FujiXeroxGood news for all couch potatoes: Fuji Xerox invented/developed an all-portable printer that is capable of conducting movements through a working area in order to bring the desirable documents to the user.

In other news, a man named John Connor declared a public disapproval of the new printing technology.

But seriously, the guys who made the Jetsons maid look-alike claim that the same is to be used in public areas to additionally secure confidential or otherwise documents. Plus, the machine has sensors which prevent it from bumping into random people along the merry predefined trajectory.

Some professionals argue that the whole idea is way pricier when compared to other document securing methods, at least for the time being.

IDC analyst Maggie Tan, in a statement for BBC said that if the ‘robot printer’ is used as a tool for various business lounges (airports or similar), then customers/users would have to wait longer for the documents to arrive in their possession; the same cannot be approved, especially if the documents are confidential. Furthermore, everyone nowadays is in a possession of a mobile device, hence one can choose to print documents via his personal setting, and simply use a secured password to collect all physical data.

As a bonus, Bryan Ma from IDC claims that the thing is ingenious, but not practical enough in order to be widely used.

I personally give a thump up for the idea.