Plagued Fitness Apparel

Plagued Fitness Apparel

December 1, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

Plagued FitnessIt’s not everyday you discover a wardrobe that you can fight zombies and hit the gym for a mid-apocalyptic workout. In enters Plagued Fitness Apparel, an clothing line with some stank on it.

Founded by fitness and horror enthusiast, Jacob¬†Dobransky, Plagued’s message is simple, “To provide those infected by fitness and healthy living with clothing for their contagious lifestyle.”

I might also add, they don’t give away free clothing. Naturally, I’m devastated. As a member of the media, I’ve built my entire wardrobe on free clothing. It’s a shrine to my wielding hand of power.

But, I can respect a guy that says, “We don’t give two shits about being famous or having “pros” wear our gear.”

He obviously didn’t say that to me, but it’s posted on their Facebook page. In today’s Wal-Mart, mass-marketed, homogenized society, it’s refreshing to see a company that truly wants to grow through grass-roots.

The line is relatively new, so they don’t have a ton of product, but they were cool enough to get on my radar. Tees like, “Kill Them All…Every Set,Every Rep” really set the stage for people to be a little leery as you grunt your way to a better you.

I haven’t tried on a shirt to give my stamp of approval for quality, but the design element is phenomenal. Very edgy and engaging. If you wear a Plagued shirt, you’re gonna get stared down by,well, everyone. They’re ultra-aggressive fonts, along with some occasional profanity, really make it a winner in my book.

Plus, it has a message. So many clothing lines just force-feed you crappy design, sub-par quality, and over-the-moon costs. It’s part of the reason I refuse to purchase most clothing.

It could also be my lack of style, and willingness to pay $50.00 for a t-shirt; $50.00 for anything actually. Unless it’s a down payment on a baby goat, which I desperately need.

Plagued also stuck out to me because of their athlete sponsorships. They went with roller derby. A formidable choice. I’ve been to a few roller derbies, and I must say, they’re intense and scary, which fits well with Plagued’s “we don’t give a shit” attitude.

I’m also wildly attracted to all of the angry women, violence and fishnet.

I digress.

If Plagued stays with it, they’ll certainly have a respectable niche line that will be accepted by the more intense segment of gym rats and zombie lovers. The apparel industry is one of the top 5 most competitive in the world, so these guys will need all the support they can get to keep their ship sailing into the black.

If you’re in the market to look like a badass and support some real-life, super-fit zombie hunters, give Plagued Fitness Apparel a shout.

Now, back to some important stuff. Anyone know if there’s a Roller Derby dating site? I think my name shall be Chocolate Thunder. What say you?