Pittsburgh Zoo Toddler

November 5, 2012 1 By Rodney Burrell

Recently a 2-yeard old boy fell into an exhibit and was attacked by painted African dogs. There has been a media and social media firestorm and alot of people criticizing the mother, the people in the zoo, and everyone else involved in this terrible tragedy.

It’s unsure whether the fall killed the child or the wild dogs did, but I do place  blame on the onlookers for not making a move to help.

Fear and reality kept people from naturally acting to help a human life, and a toddler no less. It was quoted that people were saying, “Someone has to do something”. And yet no one did anything, and now we’ll never know what could have been. A child’s life could have been saved. Saddening and sickening.

You can blame the mother all you want, but she didn’t throw her son over the rail. It was an accident, which is why I get a little disheartened at all of comments I read on Facebook, criticizing a mom who has just lost her child, when all she was trying to do is give her son a better view.

Do you really think if she knew her son was going to fall 11ft into an exhibit she would have put him up there? How about we show a little compassion and less judgment on a situation that no one knows the full scope of.

Open your heart an stop trying to make a point so you can get a couple likes on your status.