Pittsburgh Steeler Guinness Book of World Record holder

October 15, 2012 2 By ScottyB

I was looking over some Guinness Book of World Record holders this afternoon while scouring the internet, and came across a Pittsburgh Steeler listed in the book. The record holder, and one of my favorite and all time greatest players, Pittsburgh Steeler #43 Troy Polamalu popped up.

You would think Troy would be in there for his spectacular ability to play the game, or the most times a single player has saved a team from losing a game. As everyone knows, Polamula bleeds black and gold and is a pivotal part of the Pittsburgh Steelers organization. He has saved our asses in more games than any other player I can think of.

So, if its not his ability to play the game and the love of this city and team, what else could Troy be known for? In the Guinness Book of World Records, Troy’s hair is listed in there for ‘most highly insured hair’. Polamalu’s hair is insured through Llyod’s of London for a staggering $1 million dollars! I would really hate to be the insurance adjuster that wrote that policy, or the hair dresser that cuts his hair knowing a slip of the scissors could be the end of both of their careers.

Those folks at Head & Shoulders shampoo sure know a good head of hair when they see one…

Check out the commerical with Troy below: