Pittsburgh Movie Extras Needed Right Now!

October 16, 2012 0 By ScottyB

Here you go fellas…As most people know or have heard about recently, Pittsburgh is becoming, let me rephrase that, is already the goto city for big Hollywood filmmakers and T.V. shows on the East Coast. So, that being said, there’s a new film coming to this amazing city we call home and it begins filming in 2 weeks.

For those of you that have been wanting to get your foot in the door and be seen on film, here’s your chance! The upcoming film is looking for men with these specific builds and stature, blah, blah, blah:

  • Male Height: 6’0-6’2 Weight: 260-300 Pounds Hair: White or Very light gray hair/almost white
  • Male Height: 6’1-6’3 Weight: 170-200 Pounds Hair: Light brown/blond

This film is being directed by a filmmaker that was nominated by the Academy Awards, but unfortunately didn’t win. Suck to be him huh? The film will shoot in the city of Pittsburgh during the months of November and December.

The casting gurus, aka the powers to be for the film are looking for men to portray wrestlers, trainers, police officers (and no you can’t keep the uniform dumbass), referees, and of course some spectators.

Experience in these fields are preferred, but not required. So, Pittsburgh men who want to use the pick-up line with the women at Jack’s Bar in the South Side that they were in a movie to get laid, here’s your chance lads! Hey, every bit helps!!!

You will get paid to be in the film, because it’s the law and they have to! $150.00 per day…

Email your contact information, recent photo, height, and weight to:

Wrestlingextras@gmail.com with STAND IN in the Subject Line.