Piranha 3DD: Twice the Boobs, Three Times the Terrible Acting

November 18, 2012 0 By Rodney Burrell

It appears that somebody somewhere wanted to create another movie with huge-breasted women and absolutely atrocious acting, even more so than the first adaptation. Although the sequel does have the Hoff, the most suitable choice for a  lifeguard in a C+ movie.

Piranha 3DD offers viewers the best of both worlds, much larger breasted women, and off the wall antics from killer fish of the lake, although now they have invaded a waterpark.

Let’s face it, Piranha are kinda scary, but not just that scary. And while I like a crazy monster movies with nude women getting eaten by vampire fish, the sequel lacks any sense of uniformity.

The first movie, while still a terrible movie it was somewhat palatable, Piranha 3DD  is a much less thought out sequel with intent on maintaining any type of cinematic flair.

On the bonus side, Gary Busey bites  the head off of a fish, and Ving Rhames makes his presence felt again, and this time with gun legs, or penis…I couldn’t really tell.