Photographs are the new passwords

Photographs are the new passwords

December 15, 2014 0 By Enzo Knight

Is remembering multiple passwords too big of a deal for you? Are you tired of constant “you cannot have this and that as your password?” automatic messages? Look no further for an Australian teen already figured this out: pictures can be put in the spot where passwords previously were.

At present times, no one bothers to take its time and make a password worth hacking in the right sense of words. Most users prefer one-password-matches-all-accounts whatsoever. The password paradigm surely hurts private security matters, and the alternative offers no better – remembering complex and multiple passwords for every account one may have.

passwordSam Crowther unravels an app option, which allows its users to choose a picture, upload it, and then the magic happens: the same transposes to a 512 character password.

Sam argues that remembering a single picture falls as easy task for one to make. However, it is most unlikely that someone you don’t know, i.e. a “hacker” will happen to have access to your device. Ergo – success, and one less thing for a human brain to remember.

Furthermore, malwares, spywares, or keyloggers cannot “spy” on you anymore, for all your photographs “brawl” inside the machine, never ending on the same spot they began with, constantly changing their position on the hard-drive memory.

What if the photograph gets accidentally deleted?

Then, one can simply reset everything and start from the beginning by putting a new picture as a new password.

Sam’s startup is named uSig, and goes by the “A picture speaks a thousand words” motto. Sam is “sacrificing” his college admission because, well, he’s an entrepreneur and will probably make more money than each and every one of this article’s readers.

And currently, Crowther’s idea is still in consideration, for it is not yet proven to actually work in the real world.