On Guard. Fencing in the Burgh

October 25, 2012 0 By Rodney Burrell

If you’re looking for things to do in Pittsburgh, and you’re on a quest to one up the Dos Equis guy, you might want to give fencing a try.

Yeah, you heard me correctly,fencing. Don’t worry, you’re not required to start dressing up and going to those  mid-evil times reenactments. Let thee adjust my pantaloons before our joust ma lord. For all of you that don’t know, fencing is sword fighting. It’s an ancient French art started way back in the 1400’s.

The Allegheny Fencing Club, located in Meadville, offers open practices and provides equipment for newbies, which I’m assuming 95% of the population will be. If Meadville is too much of a hike, Three Rivers Fencing Club is located on Penn Ave in Wilkinsburg. They have more of a structured set up, so if you just want to check it out, I would make the trip up to Meadville.

I hear fencing is a great way to get in some cardio, so get off your ass and try something new. You’ll thank me later when you have to thwart off a mugger with a stray broomstick.

This might be a good date night home run. Who wouldn’t want to sword fight, that’s probably one of the most romantic things you can  say to a woman, “Hey, you wanna swordfight?”

If you’re still stumped on creative dates, check out our latest places to go article. In the mean time, brush up on your swordsmanship with this fencing video.