Off The Bone Barbeque

Off The Bone Barbeque

December 5, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

off the bone barbeque knuckle dragger magazine (7)Yeah, we all want washboard abs and Kate Upton to magically appear in our home doing the Cat Daddy, giggling and jiggling profusely, followed by sexy time. Well, until that day comes about, we have ribs. Or as I like to call it, food porn. Kate Upton likes food.

Off the Bone Barbeque is a gourmet eatery out of Dallas Texas for everything pork related. Thank goodness¬† there’s something more exciting coming out of Dallas other than the Cowboys. Off the Bone has a knack for winning awards and what not, because their food is so dang good. You’re shocked. I know.

Chef Dwight Harvey has been in the biz for most of his life, and his wife, Rose, a former executive for Frito Lay, helps keep the ship sailing so the genius can work in the lab, creating hits like pulled pork sandwiches smoked sausage, tacos, pecan babyback ribs, and peach cobbler.

I really need to create a way to Skype food.

Nerds, get on that.