Nina Agdal

Nina Agdal

September 23, 2014 0 By Rodney Burrell

Nina Agdal is a Danish fashion model that graced the cover of Sports Illustrated’s coveted swimsuit edition. SI also named her “Rookie of The Year” in 2012, which basically means she’s going to be attractive for a very long time.

Agdal has modeled for Billabong, Victoria’s Secret, and Macy’s, just to name a few. She was also featured in the Carl’s Jr./Hardees commercial, where she basically has sex with a sandwich. Men like sandwiches, I get it.

Agdal roamed the streets of New York for SI, asking residents weird questions. It was ok though, she’s a model, it doesn’t matter what she says. The sins of many can be forgiven by an attractive woman with super ok English and an adorable accent.

Question: “How would you feel if the weather changed one degree every 60 days?”

Response: “I love weather. Erm, you’re pretty.” [Awkward camera stare].

Agdal, who used to be a mail delivery girl, and a clerk at a chocolate store, has made quite the career shift. She loves traveling, as most swimsuit models do. Her favorite place thus far was Australia.

Maybe she met up with Australia’s Hottest Wallaby She doesn’t cook or watch movies, but she does read Danish gossip magazines to keep up with her native land. Overall, she seems quite bubbly. Ready to take on the world, one burger at a time.