New Year’s Bucket List: Europe’s Tallest and Most Terrifying Attraction

New Year’s Bucket List: Europe’s Tallest and Most Terrifying Attraction

December 26, 2013 0 By Rodney Burrell

France Panoramic DropSad to say it, but Christmas is over. You’ll now see sidewalks littered with wrapping paper and old Christmas trees thrown out for the reaping of our post-holiday hangover.

But now something more menacing looms over the country. New Years.

And New Years just wouldn’t be the same without resolutions. Prepare for crowded gyms, overly happy people that think they can keep Christmas in their hearts all year round, and the bucket listers.

People that just have to do something completely awesome every year. Scale a mountain, ride a wild Zebra, Actually pay for Rosetta Stone and stop trying to steal it off of YouTube.

It’s a whirlwind of crazyesque goals and ambitions, so while you’re still living in a Walt Disney state of mind, let me add one more awesome thing to your 2014 bucket list.

Nestled in the mountains of France sits Europe’s most breathtaking, yet nerve-wracking viewpoint. Aiguille du Midi mountain is where a suspended glass cube sits about one-mile above, well, anything.  Tourists can catch a view of the impressive mountain scapes, and even get a glimpse of Mont Blanc, Europe’s tallest mountain.

The glass cube of death, as I like to call it, is sponsored Compagnie du Mont Blanc, which manages tourism throughout the mountain. The exhibit recently opened to the public, so you have no excuses why you can’t go scare the crap out of yourself and practice up on those French lessons you’re not stealing. Oui, Oui.