New Resident Evil gets back to its horror roots

New Resident Evil gets back to its horror roots

October 20, 2014 0 By Enzo Knight

RS R 2Let’s be honest now for a second: modern horror games suck big time, if you ask me. And I don’t know why I said that, just felt like getting it off my chest. Now, to the point.

The Resident Evil series, which first brought subgenre ‘survival horror’ into existence, are now struggling with their own ontological meaning, as most of the sequels turned toward action for an answer to their decreased sales issue.

Of course, when you can blatantly shoot your way through a game, the whole scary concept goes down the drain, but, Resident Evil Revelations 2 comes to the rescue: it has less ammo and guns and is more horror oriented than the previous installments.

It stars Claire Redfield, a name well-known among RS enthusiasts, accompanied by Moira Burton – both of them waking up in a prison without the knowledge of why all happened the way it did. Someone helps them escape, and from here onward it’s all “meeting mutilated humanoids named Afflicted” who basically want you dead.

Also, Claire and Moira represent two distinct characters, part because they use different tools in order to ‘overcome the obstacles’, another part for expressing different emotions when facing great danger.

The game will support co-op mode, with the single player swapping on occasions between the two female characters. Claire is our lead, and if she ends up killed, the game ends up as well. On the other hand, Moira can’t die, but can be “incapacitated”, needing Claire’s help to proceed.

And that’s the way the horror cookie crumbles, heh heh…